Immuno Oncology & Checkkpont Assay

Immuno-oncological procedures hold the promise eliminate the majority of tumors. However, in order to create these treatments you need the right model and experimental designs. Immundnz offers of the shelve assays that are accurate and sensitive, as well as tailored assay development for oncology.

Leverage the immune system to advance drug development in oncology.

Immuno-oncology, or the use of the body’s natural defenses to target and eliminate cancer cells, is being developed by scientists in the pursuit for an accurate cancer therapy. Immuno-oncology, with its focus on precision, flexibility, and long-term efficacy, has risen to prominence in cancer therapy during the last decade.

In immuno oncology modelling can be the key source to understanding the effective pathway of a therapeutic for an oncolytic agent. This is most appropriate when you are looking for a customised solution to a problem that cannot be solved by a single or standard assays. We work very closely with our clients to understand and troubleshoot problems they might have had with previous preclinical experiments (in vivo or in vitro), or to design a suitable experimental model to study the immunobiology associated with their product.

Consultants in designing a model for immune response study in vitro and in vivo


Laboratory experiments (in vitro and/or in vivo) to test a model


Predict the Immunotoxicological response of your drug


Learn how Immundnz guides Immuno-Oncology & Toxicity research.

In this case study you can learn how we test the effect of an anti-cancer drug on M1 macrophage polarization and macrophage viability.

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Looking for a tailored solution?

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for most studies. Immundnz specializes in developing tailored assays to enable you to challenge the status quo in your research.


Some of our popular assays

To accelerate your research and deliver high-quality data, Immundnz offers a broad spectrum of standardized, proven assays that are readily available.

M1/M2 Polarisation

M1/M2 are important in studies of various therapeutic areas and biological pathways.



Phagocytosis is an immunologic mechanism involved in apoptosis, necrosis, infection and tumour conditions mediated by leukocytes like macrophages, DCs, and neutrophils. 

Cytokine Release Assay

Cytokine release assay (CRA) is vital in biopharmaceutical discovery and development and life science research.


Dendritic Cell Maturation

Dendritic cells (DCs) are the star antigen-presenting cells (APCs) of myeloid or haematopoietic origin that play a vital role between the innate and adaptive immune systems. 


T Cell Differentiation

The T cell proliferation assay can be used to assess modulation of the T cell response by (immunomodulatory) compounds.


Immune & Protein-Based

We perform various immunologic and protein-based assays that are needed in your research or drug development.