Our Story

Our adventure is an interesting one. A company based on science and a nack for business, needs some explaining. Feel free to hear from our founders and learn more about Immundnz.  Let’s start with our name, though. People often ask us how to pronounce Immundnz. So, let’s hear it!

Meet our founders. Each of them has a story to tell you of where they came from and how they add to Immundnz’ expertise

Immundnz has an entrepreneurial team of highly-skilled and qualified experts in immunology, biochemistry, bio-analytical chemistry and biomarker analysis. The members have originated from a rich academic  and industrial research background, bringing their experience into translation. Immundnz collaborates with many biopharma and business professionals who have experience in drug discovery and development.

Robert-JanDr. Ir. Robert-Jan Lamers is Founder and Company Director of Immundnz. He has over 20 years of experience in non-clinical and preclinical research for drug discovery and development.

MasihDr. Masih Alam is co-Founder of Immundnz. He has worked for over 20 years in immunology and cell biology in both academic and business settings.

RawshanDr. Rawshan Choudhury is Principal Scientist of Immundnz. She has worked in cell biology and protein research in various human and other mammalian tissue systems and in various therapeutic areas to study proteins for over 20 years.

Our adventure

Learn more about the road we traveled to and how Immundnz came to be. If you’d like to be part of our adventure, we welcome an invitation to meet, get acquainted, and lay down a new path of research. Together.


The Start

Almost 10 years ago, two befriended scientists started a joint hike in a partnership that proved to be the foundation of Immundnz’s establishment in 2016 at the prestigious Alderley Park.

To co-found Immundnz, Dr. Masih Alam and Dr. Ir. Robert-Jan Lamers both brought in considerable expertise in academics and industry, having founded businesses before.

Dr Masih Alam founded ImmunoSYS, a biological consultancy company working with industrial partners to develop South Asia’s biologics market and standards.
Dr Ir. Robert-Jan Lamers founded Abundnz in 2011, a solid analytical partner for biotech and pharma industries worldwide.

Combining their expertise, they embarked on a trip for the following years. In this time, Immundnz charted a course to build an entrepreneurial team of highly-skilled and qualified experts in immunology, biochemistry and analytical chemistry. Their goal? Translating rich academic and industrial research experience into customised commercial solutions.

The Middle

Over the years, they started collaborating with many biopharma and business professionals of multinational pharmaceutical companies with experience in drug discovery, non-clinical, pre-clinical and clinical drug analysis.

As an attestation to their work, they also received two grants to advance their work in immunology:

First, the Eurostars grant in 2016 to work on human cell line-based in vitro immunology models to study drug-induced tissue damage.

Second, an H2020 grant to work on comprehensive in vitro human immune response testing of drugs.

Finally, an Innovate UK grant to develop an assay to assess susceptibility for cytokine storm in COVID-19.

Growing steadily, the team reached a significant milestone in 2017 when they moved into a fully equipped in vitro immunology lab at Alderley Park. In addition, their collaboration was strengthened on the personal level, with family visits to Peak District and the Netherlands. Finally, the team celebrated the lab’s official opening with a symposium organised by Immundnz at Alderley Park about in vitro immunology models.

The following years, Immundnz started commerical operations and thanks to our growth, Immundnz established a loyal clients portfolio and scaled up our operations, including the purchase of an additional 13 channel high-throughput flow cytometer. 

Where we are headed now?

The End

We prefer the road untraveled; that’s for sure. We aim to be recognised as the go-to partner for immune modelling and customised assay development. We’ll keep developing our strength in experimental immunology, differing from other CRO’s through unconventional design and experimental studies beyond standard assays‘ scope.  

Along our trail, we hope to find like-minded scientists to share experiences and join our group. 

Looking forward, Immundnz is open to partnering with companies and individuals who are experts in various sciences and associated with biotech and pharma industries.

Immune Modelling & Experimental Design

Immune Risk Assessment

Tissue Damage & Cytotoxicity

Immuno-Oncology & Immunotoxicity

Inflammation & Systemic Diseases

Vaccines, Drug Delivery & Transfection

Signalling Pathways

Looking for a tailored solution?

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for most studies. Immundnz specializes in developing tailored assays to enable you to challenge the status quo in your research.


Some of our popular assays

To accelerate your research and deliver high-quality data, Immundnz offers a broad spectrum of standardized, proven assays that are readily available.

M1/M2 Polarisation

M1/M2 are important in studies of various therapeutic areas and biological pathways.



Phagocytosis is an immunologic mechanism involved in apoptosis, necrosis, infection and tumour conditions mediated by leukocytes like macrophages, DCs, and neutrophils. 

Cytokine Release Assay

Cytokine release assay (CRA) is vital in biopharmaceutical discovery and development and life science research.


Dendritic Cell Maturation

Dendritic cells (DCs) are the star antigen-presenting cells (APCs) of myeloid or haematopoietic origin that play a vital role between the innate and adaptive immune systems. 


T Cell Differentiation

The T cell proliferation assay can be used to assess modulation of the T cell response by (immunomodulatory) compounds.


Immune & Protein-Based

We perform various immunologic and protein-based assays that are needed in your research or drug development.


Case Studies

Immundnz has performed many case studies, some of which are described here. You can always reach out to us for other examples of projects we have done.


Immundnz shares insights on in vitro immunology research for drug discovery on its blog, which is regularly updated by experts in the field.